Volunteer Information

Highland Soccer Recreation Volunteer Information

Highland Soccer Club is an all volunteer organization.  We need everybody to pitch in and help our club provide a place for a children to play soccer.

Ways you can help

Coach / Assistant Coach: No experience necessary.  The club will provide you with materials and basic training to help get you started.  The main role of the coaches is to organize the kids and make sure they are safe.  Teams have 1 practice per week and 1 game on Saturday mornings.

Registration Nights: Help staff the tables during the in-person registration.

Division Coordinator: Responsibilities include

  • Assigning coaches and players to teams
  • Determining the schedule
  • Contact coaches in the event of game cancellations
  • Distribute uniforms to team coaches
  • Distribute pictures to team coaches

Concession Stand: Take a shift at the concession stand to help sell concessions.

Concession Manager:  Responsibilities include

  • Purchasing goods
  • Opening up the concession stand, starting the coffee, etc.
  • Closing the concession stand

Concession Volunteer Coordinator:  We will give you a list of people that indicted they can work the concession stand.  You will then schedule the volunteers to make sure the stand is staffed each week.

Field Setup:  At the beginning of the season there is a lot of work to be done in cleaning out the building, inflating balls, setting up the fields, hanging nets, etc.  We will schedule some work parties for people to come help out.

Picture Day Helper: It can be a little chaotic down by the picture area.  Having a few people to help corral kids, assist with posing the players, etc. helps smooth the process and keep it moving on schedule.

Picture Day Coordinator: Somebody to schedule the people that volunteer to be a picture day helper.

Referee Coordinator:  The referee coordinator is present for all games on Saturday mornings.  They assign referees to the games and make sure each game is staffed.  At the end of the morning they pay the referees.

Any of the above roles can be shared among multiple people to spread the burden.

When registering please indicate how you can help.  If you have any questions please send an e-mail to the Recreation Coordinator RecSoccer@HighlandSoccerClub.org