Welcome to Highland Soccer Club’s Kinder Clinic Program

The Kinder Clinic is designed to be a fun introduction to soccer Kindergarten aged children. The games and activities might not look like “real soccer”.  They aren’t.  They are designed to be age / developmentally appropriate activities that are FUN for the kids.

How it works:

The Kinder Clinic meets on Saturday mornings.  Your child will be assigned to a team with a coach. Your coach will contact you the week before the first game to give you schedules and locations. Each week your team will meet at a scheduled time for an hour. The hour will consist mostly of soccer related skill activities. For the last 20 minutes the team gets split in half and is paired up with another team for a pair of games (½ of team A vs ½ of team B on one field and the other ½ play against each other on another field). The coaches may need some additional parents may need to help throughout the activities. Please help if you can.

What should kids wear:

  • Shin Guards are mandatory and are provided free to Kinderclinic players.
  • Weather appropriate clothing (hats, gloves, hoods, etc.)
  • Shoes to run in. Cleats are optional. (5 year olds fall, no shoes will stop that).
  • Their team jersey, ideally on top of any sweatshirts, coats, etc.

What should we bring:

  • A water bottle
  • A snack? We encourage families on teams to take turns bringing a snack to share with the team. The kids love this.

 What should we expect:

Kinderclinic is slightly less chaos than herding cats; but a lot more entertaining to watch. Kids will dribble the wrong way, score in the wrong goal, try to use their hands, etc. That’s ok. Some kids will be more interested in the airplanes flying overhead. That’s ok. Some kids will run off the field in the middle of the game to give mom a hug. That’s ok. Expect that 5 year olds will act like 5 year olds. That’s ok. Just relax and enjoy it.