Coaches Registration Procedures

Before a player can practice or play for Highland Soccer he register and pay. No players are covered for insurance purposes until this occurs. In addition, a player may not be able to file a claim until the entire team is registered through CDYSL.You do not need approved rosters to play indoor. This year CDYSL has a deadline of Feb 17th for submitting registrations. This means you need get the Highland registrar everything by the Jan 31st at the latest. The registrar’s email is Following are the registration procedures:

  1. All players and coaches for a team must register and upload their pictures at Coaches can check the registration status on this site by following the procedures outlined in the Coaches Guide to Online Registration.
  2. All registered adults (coaches, managers) need to have a background check done. A background check is valid for two seasons, so if you did it last year you are good.  If you’ve never filled out the form or you are on the list, you need to redo your risk management. The risk management form can be filled onlline. Background checks can be done at You will need to pay $12 by credit card. You will receive a confirming email. This email should be forwarded to the Registrar ( for registration purposes, and the treasurer ( for re-imbursement.
  3. All head coaches need to have a valid coaching license or a completed waiver form. Waiver forms are good for 1 year only.  If you are not on this list you’ll need to supply a copy of your license or a completed waiver form to the registrar for submission with your roster.
  4. Once all the above conditions are met, contact the Highland registrar and let them know you are ready to register your team. All rosters must be submitted to the Highland registrar by Jan 31st in order to meet the CDYSL deadlines for submitting rosters.
  5. The HSC registar will electronically submit your roster to CDYSL. If there are any issues with background checks or player registrations the submission will be rejected. These issues will need to be resolved before proceeding to the next step.
  6. The HSC registrar will assemble the paperwork, get the payment from the treasurer and drop the paperwork off at the CDYSL offices in Albany.
  7. Due to changes in CDYSL procedures rosters will be frozen once the registrar starts assembling the paperwork. Any players who attempt to register at this time will be able to pick their division, but not their team. They will need to be added to the team using the add player procedures below.
  8. CDYSL will process the paperwork and create 1 stamped roster and and player cards. Once completed they will inform the registrar that the paperwork is ready for pickup.
  9. The Registrar will pick up the paperwork and return the CDYSL Registration package to you. Due to the volume of work your local and CDYSL registrars are handling, it could take 3 – 4 weeks to perform steps 6 through 8.

CDYSL Registration Package

  • Member passes with pictures for coaches and players, bring to all games
  • tamped Team Roster (has birth dates)
  • Stamped Game Roster – must bring a copy to each outdoor game for ref and other coach. You will need to make copies. CDYSL provides only 1 copy.
  • Coaches Roster – for each rostered adult coach. Has contact information for each child
  • CDYSL Advanced Notice of Injury form. Make copies. Instructions for use are on the form.
    The Higland Registrar has copies of all stamped rosters should you lose them. Lost member passes will have to be re-printed, have photo attached and brought to CDYSL offices to be stamped and laminated. There is a $2 fee.

Instructions for use are on the form.
The Highland Registrar has copies of all stamped rosters should you lose them. Lost member passes will have to be re-printed, have photo attached and brought to CDYSL offices to be stamped and laminated. There is a $2 fee.

Adding a Player to a Registred Team

  1. Have the player register. They will only be able to pick their division.
  2. After they have registered, inform the HSC Registrar so the player can be added to your team. If paperwork for the team is currently at CDYSL, the player can’t be added until that paperwork has been completed.